Tax Inspections

Dealing with Tax Inspections

A tax inspection is always a stressful time for any business. It takes up a great deal of resource and diverts your attention away from your everyday duties. Sometimes tax inspections can last for weeks, sometimes for just a day or two. Whatever your own particular tax inspection headache, Langrick Bell can help.

They are unfortunately a necessary part of business life, and although always dreaded, they don’t always have to be quite so unpleasant. We understand what HMRC wants from your business. We ensure that you pay exactly the right amount of tax at exactly the right time which means that your tax inspection should go smoothly.

‘Tax Language’ you can understand

However being a timely payer and keeping your accounts up to date does not necessarily mean that you will escape the dreaded tax inspectors. If you do get the call from the taxman there is no need to panic. We will help you to translate the HMRC lingo into language that you understand and ensure that you can communicate effectively.

Langrick Bell Chartered Accountants have an intrinsic knowledge of tax inspections and know how to ensure that the experience goes as smoothly as possible.